Rwanda 2017: The Journey



This space is for students to share, publicly, their observations, sound, images and reflections before, during and after the Harwood High School travel study to Rwanda in February 2017.



Zoe W's first post

We're leaving in three days and I haven't started packing at all or opened my suitcase. I think that would sum up how I'm feeling. I'm incredibly overwhelmed but at the same time insanely excited. I am already overjoyed with  just the thought of all the expereiences that are waiting for me in Rwanda. 

Inspired by: Eamon

Eamon's first blog post

With only a few short days left until we take off for Rwanda I'm feeling super excited! Although I'm excited I also am feeling very overwhelmed mostly because I haven't even started packing yet but I can't wait. Inspired by Zoe Worth.

Stephen Rand's picture

Our Itinerary

Just click on attachment to see where we are at!

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