Volcanic Glow

The past few days have been spent at a religious center at Lake Kivu, called Kigufi. The last time I traveled here, the Congo was more of a word used to describe what lay beyond the boundary of the lake. Several days ago, however, the fog had lifted. There were hills, closer and larger than I had thought possible. The lake suddenly seemed less like an ocean full of unanswered questions, and more like something I would expect to see clearly defined on a map. 

I sat and watched the sunset that night. Beams of light streamed through the crags at the top of the mountains, and the clouds rolled into shapes seen only in Renaissance paintings. The whole thing was entirely unreal. Every few moments, the view shifted into different shades of cotton candy and gold. It seemed like we had reached an entirely new plane of existance. 

Once the sky had finished its evening display, we went off to dinner. The stars came out, and the bugs took over for the birds in filling the air with noise. Somehow, amongst the smells and sounds and textures, we noticed a glow. It seemed the sky was not, in fact, finished amazing us that day. Over the hill across a narrow strip of water, the glow of an active volcano lit up the night. We had seen it that morning, large and prominant and flat. Once the light from the sun was gone, the light from within the earth took over. The pink of a setting sun has many shades, but none are as captivating as the one that bubbles up from the ground beneath us. 

I feel as though there is a metaphor or life lesson hidden here. Perhaps we are supposed to learn to look past the obvious beauty, or perhaps it is that we should relearn to respect our planet. Even if there is no meaning in the beauty surrounding Lake Kivu and the mysterious, not-so-distant Congo, it is still beauty. And sometimes, I have learned, beauty is lovely, with or without meaning.



You paint a vibrant picture with your words.  Thank-you, honey. That is such beautiful imagery.


Oh I am dying for a photo or two... Yes, your words create a vibrant picture, but it would also be nice to have that visual element. OR did you do a drawing perhaps? 

My best,