My First Week in Rwanda

We have been traveling in Rwanda for about a week now. Each day brings new and exciting experiences. At first it was very hard to adjust. I found myself staying up all night and missing my family but as the days have passed it has been easier. We explored Kigali which was overwhelming yet beautiful. All of the people are very welcoming and surprised to see us. In Kigali we visited The Good Samaritan school. This school has kids from ages 2-6. They thought us and the cameras were the coolest thing in the whole world. Laughing, singing and dancing with them was one of the best experiences of my life. On our third day we traveled south the Gitarama. Here we visited the Days for Girls school where I took many portraits and made great connections with the students. I have been really enjoying the media aspect of this trip. We also saw a couple traditional dances which were very cool. I wish I knew how to dance like that. A few days ago we transitioned into home stays. It was very scary at first but I was more nervous than I should've been. My host family is very sweet and welcoming. So far I've had an amazing trip and can't wait for the rest of it :)


Happy to hear it is going well


So happy you are having a wonderful experience. It can be challenging to be outside our comfort zne, but so rewarding as well. I am sure the childre love having you visit them at school.  Enjoy Lake Kivu and I look forward to reading more posts. 

Grandaughter Zoe

Have a wonderful time all of you! Three weeks pass very quickly and to be able to see how another part of the world lives will be a life changing experience in itself. I can't wait to hear about it all from Zoe (buffum) and love to all for making this trip to help the less fortunate! Be safe!
MLove Megga