In the midst of it

We have officially been here for one week, though it feels as if it has been months. We are all finally on the Rwandan schedule so we can sleep through the nights. But we still get exhausted at noon and wide awake around 8 pm. Being here so different than being in Vermont, or even in the US. Not only because of the vastly different climate and landscapes, but just because of the people. When we walk around people will stop and stare at us. It bothered some people at first and it sort of wigged me out because they were staring, but now I hardly notice the staring. Something people will do here is just come up to you are start a conversation. I think this is so unbelievably nice. Not that many people in America would walk up to you and welcome. Just the fact that they take time out of their day to talk to us surprises me so much. 

Going to all the schools are some of my favorite memories. The kids are always so excited and happy to see us. When we went to Teddy's the peer joy on al their faces was so amazing. They all loved to play with our skin and adsored touching my hair and playing with it. But the thing they loved the most was our phones, cameras, and in my case my watch. They were so fascinated with all of our technology. The other schools we went had older kids, and I was worried that it might be ackward because they were closer to our age. But it wasn't at all. It was so amazing to talk to kids our age and learn about their days and what going to school for them was like. 

We leave homestays in a couple days and then head towards lake Kivu. I am so excited for that, with all the heat I cxan't wait to swim!


Enjoy reading about your adventures!

Sounds like you ar experiencing all the trip has to offer. I am sure the studnets really appreciate having you all visit. Enjoy Lake Kivu ! Looking forward to your continued posts. Mrs. Atwood

Lake Kivu is like a little

Lake Kivu is like a little piece of Heaven. I remember finding lizards everywhere! Enjoy the hussle and bussle of that beautiful country while you can, that is one thing I miss the most.

Soak It All In!

Hi C!

I hope your swim was amazing! I cannot wait to see your photos, hear your stories, and listen as you reflect on what you've learned from your time in Rwanda.  Remember that while the trip will end this week, the journey of this experience will last a lifetime.  Love you!