Second Time Around- part 2.

Hello Hello!
We are currently in our 2 day of homestays, and things are going well. We are all adjusting to not being with the group 24/7, and as expected it is a little weird for all of us. We have been able to meet up with the group a few times, yesterday morning we all met up at Umuganda, and this morning most of us met up with a few other pairs of kids to go to the market. The market was very fun but very overwhelming. I remember this from last year, the market is very crowded and in very tight quarters, so being there for extended periods of time is a lot for us. We decided to not go as a whole group this year, when 30 muzungus walk into the market together the people working all get excited and jack up the prices. We all got a lot of good stuff I think, a lot of gifts for you guys back home! Just to touch a little on my last post, homestays are going way better than I thought it would and I have been feeling much better, but we are all still very excited to go to Lake Kivu in a few days.


Happy Homestays are going well

Good to read your post! I am sure you were all bartering well for the goods you want! Enjoy the remainder of the time in with your homestays and I am sure you will all enjoy the beauty of Lake Kivu. Mrs. Atwood

Glad it's getting easier!

Glad it's getting easier!  Soak it all up, Meagan!