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Welcome to RWANDA 2017

This site is intended to allow students of Harwood High School write, share images, sounds and music as they experience the transformational journey to Rwanda.

The intent of this space is for students to share their thoughts and observations before, during and after the trip in February 2017. The students may keep some of their content private but can make other posts public for all to see and comment upon.

This site holds the Legacy of this project -- shared experiences of students from as far back as 2010. Enjoy.

This site is maintained and monitored by Young Writers Project, a small nonprofit based in Vermont that helps youths across the world improve their writing and digital media skills. YWP is proud to have played a small part in this project all these years.

YWP will be looking for exceptional pieces to post on its main site -- -- and its publications. We encourage youths to create their own accounts on to get a wider audience for their work which has been, historically, fascinating.

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Rwanda travelers...

We are very impressed, again, with the quality of observation and expression coming from your trip. We want to send a couple of these pieces to the Waterbury paper for publication. We'd ascribe your real name to the pieces. We will make the selections early next week with hopes that when you all return, we can send a more complete package and to include some in other papers around the state.

Please advise by comment or email if any of you have concerns about being published.

Thanks and continued fruitful travels.

Geoff Gevalt, YWP Director

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