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In the midst of it

We have officially been here for one week, though it feels as if it has been months. We are all finally on the Rwandan schedule so we can sleep through the nights. But we still get exhausted at noon and wide awake around 8 pm. Being here so different than being in Vermont, or even in the US. Not only because of the vastly different climate and landscapes, but just because of the people. When we walk around people will stop and stare at us. It bothered some people at first and it sort of wigged me out because they were staring, but now I hardly notice the staring. Something people will do here is just come up to you are start a conversation. I think this is so unbelievably nice. Not that many people in America would walk up to you and welcome. Just the fact that they take time out of their day to talk to us surprises me so much. 

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