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Hello everyone,

We have been on many adventures and seen many things but most of all a lot of pictures taken! At the first place we stayed Center Cristus we made a friend...a monkey. We have done many great things but I have enjoyed meeting many kids so far we've visited two different school one for very young kids and one thats more of a middle school, high school kind of place. When we go to the schools I feel like a professional athlete at a post-game interview, so many question asked and so many high fives.

Thank you for reading up on my trip so far there is more to come,

Eamon Gilhuly

Eamon's first blog post

With only a few short days left until we take off for Rwanda I'm feeling super excited! Although I'm excited I also am feeling very overwhelmed mostly because I haven't even started packing yet but I can't wait. Inspired by Zoe Worth.

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