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This is an interview with a teacher named Clemence at G.S. Byimana school.


A Conversation with Clemence Final from HUHS Rwanda Travel Study on Vimeo.

A Conversation with Clemence Final from HUHS Rwanda Travel Study on Vimeo.

Second Time Around- part 2.

Hello Hello!
We are currently in our 2 day of homestays, and things are going well. We are all adjusting to not being with the group 24/7, and as expected it is a little weird for all of us. We have been able to meet up with the group a few times, yesterday morning we all met up at Umuganda, and this morning most of us met up with a few other pairs of kids to go to the market. The market was very fun but very overwhelming. I remember this from last year, the market is very crowded and in very tight quarters, so being there for extended periods of time is a lot for us. We decided to not go as a whole group this year, when 30 muzungus walk into the market together the people working all get excited and jack up the prices. We all got a lot of good stuff I think, a lot of gifts for you guys back home! Just to touch a little on my last post, homestays are going way better than I thought it would and I have been feeling much better, but we are all still very excited to go to Lake Kivu in a few days.

Second Time Around

Hi Everyone!

This is my first blog post of this trip, but my second time in Rwanda and let me just say there are so many different things about going for a second time. The first is obviously the group, I had such an amazing group last year and ended up with some amazing friendships from it, but going into this year I was already close with so many people here, its cool how relationships have changed since we have arrived.

During one of our debriefs a few days ago we did a high and a low for the trip so far, and my high was how easy this group is to be with. I just get along with everyone so well, even the people I wasn't super close with before. Looking at the rate this group is going, I feel like we may even hate each other by the end, but hopefully not.

The First Days...

Hello Everybody!

I hope you all are doing well and enjoying the nice weather back home. It is a nice warm temp here with a cool breeze coming into the house, pretty much perfect. We have done lots of fun things so far, we went to Teddy's twice, and we visited 2 different high schools to drop off the days for girls kits and give presentations. Teddy's has by far been my favorite place so far. The kids were absolutely amazing and just so welcoming. They were up for pretty much anything we would do with them. We taught them a few different songs, like the hokey pokey, twinkle twinkle little star, row row row your boat, and a few others. We also colored with them for a while, and they loved to play with our phones while we tried to take pictures of them. There was one kid took my phone pretty much the whole time we were there, and took so many selfies I couldn't even count. Even though there was a language barrier, there was enough connection there that we could form a real relationship with them, and I can't wait to go back in a few days to see them again. 

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