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A Gospel Song

A Song by A Superstar

This is a boy nicknamed "Superstar" singing a song he wrote called "Unziziki". 

"Unziziki" by Kevin from HUHS Rwanda Travel Study on Vimeo.

Interview With A Former Good Samaritan Student, Elizabeth Chancey (Rough Cut)

Izzy and I created this media project about a former student from The Good Samaritan School. She talks about the greatness of the school, how it affected her life and made her childood one to remember. She also talks about the leader of the school, Teddy, and how she is a leader who deserves to be recoginized. 

The People

Through out this trip i have met so many amazing people with life stories that deserve to be heard, and so many of these people are so thankful for us to be here, listeing to their stories and interacting with them in all ways. One interaction with a woman and her niece imapcted me in a way i could never thank her enough for. While we were working on our Hard Workers project down by the old well, I started playing with these children who seemed intresting in the media work we were doing. As I began playing hand games with this one girl, and spinning her around and making her laugh, the people at the well began to crowd around and laugh along witht he interactions of this girl and myself. It was so impactful on me to see how much fun i could have with this girl, even with language barriers. While i was playing with this young girl, her Aunt approached our guide, Alexis, and asked if she could get a picture with me, because she was so happy that i was playing with her niece. I was so honored that she wanted to have her picture taken with me.

The beginning

It is truly an amazing feeling to finally be in warm weather. However, it is more amazing to finally be here after months of anticipation. Everyday in Rwanda has surpassed the last, and I am so thankful for everyone, who have all made this a teriffic experience. I have made so many new and important memories that have greatly impacted me and that I will never forget. I am also so thankful for all of the Rwandans we have encountered who have been so kind and helpful. This country and its caring nature is truly one of a kind. I can't wait for two more amazing weeks.

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