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Meet Sarah The Broom Maker

Hi all!

Although Joy. Eleanor, and I did the initial part of this project that consisted of the interview, pictures, videos, and going to see Sarah twice I can't take any credit for putting together this amazing video. Andrenae from Woonsocket was a HUGE help with editing and making the video. So I wanted to give her the credit because she worked super hard on it. Thanks Nae, couldn't have done it without you!!!



Water Bottles

When we were visiting the coffee plantation we were greeted by some kids who lived around there. The kids liked our water bottles. On the bus we had many empty water bottles lying around so we started giving them out to the kids. They were so happy when they got them. These kids were happy to receive our empty plastic water bottles. This made me realize what little things can make such a big difference in someone’s life. Something as simple as water bottles, even without water, made these kids happy. When I go back home I will think of this experience and try to not take anything for granted like such simple things as plastic bottles.


There are smiles all around Rwanda. Their smiles make me smile.

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